Eco-Limo to the Airport

I tried the Eco-limo today to get to and from the airport. OMG - LOVED IT! Don't use Super Shuttle anymore, don't drive use these guys! It's a small firm, and VERY responsive. I'm never driving or parking at the airport again!


Don't think you are hopping into a beat up VW van. You are getting into the nicest of nicest prius, with leather seats, dark wood, bottled water. It's like riding in a Lincoln, but in a much "cleaner" car.


Lisa said...

Looks wonderful!
Thanks for the link.


LiMousine said...

Yes, sounds great, I should try it. But actually I didn't see eco-limos in many airports, just in several.

hummer limo said...

I hope it will be spread soon and everybody can use it. It would be very good for ecology to use such limo.