That's it, no more

You know who's never late for their flight - people going to Hawaii.

Although it's not international, the airline tells you to be here at least two hours before your flight. But, why? If my flight leaves at 8:30, this means I'm at the airport at 6:30 in the morning.

What am I supposed to do for two hours? And, the even funnier thing about it is that my laptop battery won't even last that long. And, ha ha, the only plug in available looks a little shady, and I don't think Jason would appreciate me plugging my laptop cord into any available socket.

I don't even have internet access. My shoes are with some unknown person, who works for the airport. My four purses...prized purses are with that same unknown airport person. The airport is causing me great stress.

I hope my purses make the trip. :-)

Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom. I'm going to Hawaii. Until Saturday, I'll be qualifying, asking questions, seeing the sights, pick up some macadamia nuts, and lead 8 hours of product training.

And, I have talking points to read.

I am the envy of every 29 year old, and maybe even a couple of co-workers.

Off to find an internet hook-up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ginny,
This is Paul G. from Evergreen. Just googled you and found your blog. You go gal!

Take care,

Ginny-Marie said...

Hey Paul! What up! How's your daughter?