I love Honolulu

I was fresh out of a good meeting this afternoon with prospective clients. I was suddenly remembering part of our conversation discussed how cutthroat the parking enforcement had become. I thought they were joking.

I'm waiting out there for my cab, when all of the sudden a police officer pulls up with lights and sirens. I thought, COOL, where's the action!

The action was 4 parked cars. All Mercedes Benz cars! And, they were 2 minutes over the time. And, ALL FOUR CARS WERE GETTING TICKETS. Oh, it was awesome. 2 Minutes!!!

The last car, a silver new new new mercedes convertible. The police officer didn't ticket this one. He called the tow-truck, which pulled up pretty quick, and TOWED HIS ASS. Oh...it was awesome. The tow truck moved so fast, he just scooped up this nice car. Plucked it from the world of parked cars, to take it to the scummy impound lot.

Ahhh... So glad that it wasn't me, but it was funny to watch.

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Anonymous said...

wow! you would have been a fun chick to be with at the sinking party on the Titanic.