G is for Ginny and Garbage Trucks

Today's walk to the bus stop was interesting. As I was coming up 6th street a garbage truck had entered a parking lot, cut through, and was looking to cross 6th to another parking lot. Since 6th street is one-way, the driver was looking up the street - not down the street where all the pedestrians were.

Most of the pedestrians kept walking, even though it was clear (by the inching forward of the truck) that the truck driver didn't see us. I yelled up to the driver, but he just couldn't hear me. He kept inching forward, when there were no obvious signs that a break in traffic would allow for him to dart across the street to the other alley.

I finally started waving my hands around, and thought to myself - well...if I get hit today, I'm really SOL because I left my cell phone on the dresser, and I'm planning on dropping off the rent check on my way home from work. I wasn't really thinking about the fact that the look on the driver's face made me feel when the truck was going to go forward, it was going forward ... balls out.

So, I stepped in front of the truck. At the same time traffic magically cleared. And, holy crap....that truck has quite a horn, and the driver yelled - HEY WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING!!!

Me? Me?

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