Chatty Cathy...

For tonight's blog entry - let's talk about the train.

When on the train there are kids that run up and down the aisle, there are people who chat quietly on the phone. There are folks who sleep on the train. But, I can't stand the girl who sits in the back of the train and is spilling out the personal contents of her life.

It's this one long story that she's been on since Lake Avenue - and now we are in Highland Park, and she's announced that she's not quite proud of the life she's led. It's amazing. Does she even know the person she's talking to? You have to wonder.

Does the person she's talking to even care? Again, you have to wonder.

Ohhhh....I like the days when there are screaming children running up and down the aisle. At least then you can scowl at the parents. How can you scowl at the girl who has a father who's got stage 4 cancer, a step-mother who's about the same age as her, and a 21 year old younger sister, and so and so who was supposed to be a designated driver.

Ohhh, please can't you live close to Southwest Museum? Please please please. I'd like to have the trip home in some peace.

Here's to thinking about wild children running loose on the Gold Line.

Oh - now she's talking about how her sister has fainted twice because of stress. "First 24 hours...."

I need to stop typing about it, because I'm starting to actually get interested in the story.


Gray said...

Soooooo.... Are you running?

Ginny-Marie said...

Yes, for Neighborhood Council

dgarzila said...

Well , ginny , if you are running for neighborhood council , better start now , don't wait until DLANC announces .

There is no rule that syas you can't get the word out to your neighbors and others on the NEighborhood council process.

Good Luck!!!!!
I will be on the elections committee and will kepp everyone updated on the happenings of our election. Timeline isn't up yet , but get the word out on the election.

Ginny-Marie said...

Now? Can I have a few more days of peace and quiet? :-) I have a business trip coming up, and I'll work on the plan on the plane.

dgarzila said...

There is no rest for the wicked.

Just kidding.

Enjoy your vacation.

This years election is going to be a very big and nasty one , so start as soon as you get back