Rice Dream and Espresso

It needed a title, and this is what I'm drinking.
It's yummy in my tummy.
New to me website: http://www.deliciouslivingmag.com
Good recipies with a vegan and vegetarian focus.

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New Purse

I visited the Handbag Store at 8th and Main today. Seriously, if you are broke like me and you need new purses on a regular basis, and you want them to look fashionable - go there. There's another store on Los Angeles and one block bast Olympic - but that store doesn't have all of the latest knockoffs, like the Handbag Store has.

The new purse looks like this, but it's red. And, it's only $15 if you go.

Did She figure it out?

I took this picture one night on my way home from class.

Making up for Chaotic?

Before I get started, I want to point out that no one is forcing me to watch TV, and that I thought I would be out purse shopping by now. With that said, I want to know why people poo-pooed "Crossroads" with Britney Spears. Maybe I had low expectations, but this movie is better than anticipated. It's way better than any episode of the Britney and Kevin home videos.

Mark is driving!

I am the oldest of 4 in my family. Each one of them has a very interesting life story - most of which I do not know about. Tyler is the father of 4 with one more on the way. He's in the Navy, on a submarine. Trudi is the mother of 3 kids, with no others anticipated. She's a rock star in her job - full-time mother. She's good at many things, and when she had children, she got to add that to her list of "Things I'm Good At." Mark is 14, just finished 8th grade and heading into high school in the fall. There's two things we share equally: our Dad and the Truck.

The Truck is a 1976 Dodge Adventurer. It's a two-toned, V-8 engine, with pop-rivted side view mirrors, and I think it's on a 3rd engine. All four of us kids perfected our driving skills in the truck- and all four of us have done terrible things to that truck.

The Truck started off belonging to Poppo. Rumor is that he special ordered it back in the day, and it was his pride and joy. Automatic, power steering, split back window, and a sweet four speaker sound system, with AM/FM radio. When Poppo didn't drive any more, Dad took ownership. The timing was good because Dad hadn't had a pick-up truck since Rosey, the Red and White Ford Ranger died.

You know that Dad looooooooooved Rosey. That truck could go anywhere. When I was little, I remember dad walking back into the yard, one summer's day. It was odd to see dad walking down the dirt road. He and our neighbor had gone up to the timberlands behind the house, maybe to shoot pop cans or something. But, they had high-centered Richard's truck. So, Jackie, Mom, Tyler, Trudi, Dad and Richard hopped into Rosey and headed up to take care of Richard's truck.

I was little, and all I remember was seeing four grown-ups digging underneath a truck. All you could see where legs from underneath the truck, and all you could hear were words that included the characters @$%#. As the sun went down, stars came out - it got so cold. The three of us just climbed into the back of Rosey, grabbed coats, and fell asleep. Eventually, Rosey was hooked up to Richard's truck and freed Richard's truck.

Anyway - the Dodge.

I grew up off the powerline road. My walk to and from school was about two miles, maybe three - I can't remember. We'd find some way to school - whether it was Dad driving, the neighbor offering a ride, or just walking. The way home, we had to walk. The bus could take us home, but the bus to school was just so unpredictable, and when you did catch it in the morning, I would get to school maybe 3 or 4 minutes before breakfast stopped being served.

As dad went back to work, and he and Liz commuted together, that left the truck for me to use. Now, as a 14 year-old girl who didn't have a DL, this was awesome! The truck was at the top of the hill so that I could take home Tyler and Trudi home. On top of that, I could drive the other 6 or 7 kids that we had walked home with. No more walking! That was great!

Tyler would hang off the back of the truck - skiing as he called it. When Liz wondered why his shoes were a wreck, he said that he was just growing so fast (which he was). What has actually happening was that the road was just eating up his shoes, as he skiied. That adventure didn't last very long.

The next thing to bring excitement to our lives was to run the truck into the bushes to see who could get the biggest gash from the scotchbroom. That didn't last very long either - Trudi had a nasty cut and it couldn't be explained with a simple "I fell." In any case, every time we thought of something fun to do with the truck, something else happened.

Like the pop-riveted side view mirror. If you ever get a chance to take a look at the truck, you will see the side mirrors have a very unique fastening system. Tyler dared me one day to drive back into "deer country" - the same area where dad and Richard high-centered the other truck - backwards. I'm a whiz driving backwards, so I did it. I backed down this road that was closely margined with Alder trees. Who knew that as I was backing down the road, I knocked off both mirrors. Tyler and I didn't realize it until we got back home and noticed the mirrors missing. We drove back up into deer country, located the mirrors, and I came home to confess to Dad what I had done.

I didn't get restriction, no loss of telephone privileges (I never talked on the phone any ways), or loss of the TV (which was the ultimate punishment). My punishment was to learn how to fix the mirrors, and I was going to do it that night. So, I used the pop-rivet gun and fixed the mirrors - no problem. Lesson learned - what ever I break, I fix.

So, why the truck stories? Well, apparently little Markie is driving! Behind the wheel of the truck. The other night he was directed to move the truck less than a mile, and he hit three things. Well, he's trying at least!

Time has flown. Mark will start high school in the fall. That means in 4 years he will start college. And, in 8 years, he will have finished college. It's weird to think about all that, although time must pass for all of us - equally. He can't stay 4 years old forever, and one day I will turn 30.

Now, there's a downer...me...I turn 29 this month. I hear from people who are over 30 that it gets better. I think it's just the idea of leaving my twenties behind. I thought my teen years sucked, and I think my 20s started off sucking, but now...I like. So - I'll throw caution to the wind....I'll enjoy being 29.

I like riding the train home - it gives me time to blog. :-)

One more thing...19,000 phone calls since 11/03

Metro Ticket Machines

At the Gold Line station, this morning, something amazing happened! There's a new ticket machine, and you can purchase your ticket with your debit card. I've just shot off an email to MTA to find out if we can purchase monthly passes from this machine. But, the look is crisp and I'm just so excited it about it. Maybe at lunch I'll run back to Chinatown to see what the machine is all about!


My sister called my work number the other day to make sure I was okay. With the earthquakes, tsunamis, and everything else that can happen in California. I let her know that I was fine.

However, I was on the potty during yesterday's quake and I haven't been the same since. I may turn jaundiced soon.

Funny Things Heard At Work

"Thanks for your help! I'm going to put your name and phone number all over the office - but not on the bathroom wall"