Two more days until Christmas shopping starts...

I was out of town for a couple of days this week - missing my morning train-blogging time. I was in Phoenix for work.
In any case, I bought my first Christmas present yesterday. I started shopping 5 days earlier than ever before. And, the present I bought, I could have totally bought it on the 24th and not yesterday.
I like to buy my gifts later in the sales cycle. My reasons why:
1) The crappy gifts have already sold out. There will always be Chia Pets (which is the ultimate fallback), however the ugly sweaters, useless gifts have already been picked up by extended relatives. Leaving you to sort out what’s left.
2) No secret here - I can’t keep my mouth shut when I do buy a gift. I get so excited about the gifts that I have for others, the moment I see them I want to tell them what I got them.
3) I’m lazy. Yes, I admit - I’m the procrastinator. I am okay waiting until the last moment for these gifts. I want to wait until there’s a little bit of pressure to buy the right gift.
I consider the 25th the early renewal date for gifts. If it gets to the right person before the 25th, then Yeah for me. As long as the gift gets to the person by New Year’s - I’m feeling pretty good.
On another note, at work, we are entering into our last couple of days at Arroyo and Colorado. We are moving east, going from three little suites to one whole floor. I’m not excited or anxious right now, because I still have work to do where I However, in January, I’m looking forward to the bigger space, a little more quiet, and a chance to focus on work.
The move has encouraged me to consider going to places in Old Town that I haven’t yet ventured into. However, Hooters is still NOT on my places to go list. I may go back to Sushi-Afloat, but Hooters - definitely a not.

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Gray Newman said...

But Hooters has such great wings, thats the only reason I go.