If you gotta pee...where DO you DO?

I haven’t bought a gift yet for Christmas. The tree’s up, but no ornaments. But, I did have time to go to the Neighborhood Council’s transportation committee meeting last night. Found out the contra-flow lane on Spring won’t be moving until late Spring. That’s a bummer, I was looking forward to running out the front door of the building to catch the train to work.
Also found out who was holding up the placement of the automatic public toilets - she’s not in office anymore. The council should be approving new language that would make it easier for the placement of new bus shelters, newspaper stands, information kiosks and ATPs. Automatic Public Toilets - something Los Angeles needs every day.
On my block and a half walk to the bus stop every morning, I have developed a method to the inhaling and exhaling. There are certain spots along my route that breathing in is just too much to handle. Cement half-walls along 6th street provide for a perfect “grunting” corner (I don’t know how else to describe this without saying that people are going number 2 even as I walk by). It’s gross, but it’s human so I can’t just say “Hey, can you not do that RIGHT there?”
When you have to go, you gotta go. There are no public restrooms downtown - except for one that has been adopted by the residents of the San Julian sidewalk. For one, it’s out of my way. That ATP is not between where I shop, live, or work.
Starbucks used to have an available bathroom on the corner of Santee and 8th (I think I’m wrong on the exact street location, but who cares). The sign now reads “Employees Only”. There’s a restroom at 7th and Los Angeles in the Rite Aid. Who knows how long that will last. There’s a bathroom in the basement of the Central Market - bring a dime, or quarter, or some change. Don’t plan on sitting on the toilet seat, and plan on a little kid taking a quick peek under your stall door, just so that the little boy can say Hi.
Peeing in downtown is far worse than trying to pee in the woods. At least in the woods you can see the stinging nettle or poison oak, and you’ve got fresh air to take in.
All I know is this: I never enjoyed watching my pets doing number 2. I don’t enjoy walking to the bus, and having to pass a grunting man taking a squat in the parking lot. And, I don’t enjoy walking by grown-ups taking a potty break in the many dark corners of 6th street.
Ahhh...inhale quick before three steps from now.

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