Windburned for the EAA

My hands are windburn from yesterday. Alex and I paced and stood outside at LAX with his union (EAA) calling attention to the 14 month delay in getting an agreement completed with the City of Los Angeles. Usually our protesting includes much younger folks, drums, anti-war music. Yesterday, we were all human noises.

I noticed two things - almost everyone, from bus drivers, limo drivers, and cars - they were all on their cell phone. No wonder traffic sucks so badly, no one can concentrate on the road because they are using some high tech game of Marco/Polo to find their recently arrived loved one.

#2 - The cabs honked. Some cars honked. But there was no honking from the private drivers. In fact, one of the private drivers grabbed something out of his mouth and threw it towards were Alex and a group of folks were standing.

The event was successful. But, only this group could have pulled this off.

The Anti-War movement is not disciplined enough to execute something link this.

It’s sad, but true.

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