Make Cookies

I made cookies tonight using my new cookie press. They didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, but it is the first attempt at pressed cookies in over ten years. Ten Years...

What a phrase. It takes a while to be able to say "I haven't done that in decades" One decade ago I was enjoying (?) my first year of college, first year away from home-home, and spending my time between bagging groceries and mountain tops.

Even a decade ago I wasn't making pressed cookies. It would have to be 15 years ago...THAT was the last time I made pressed cookies. My's been awhile since I made pressed cookies. No wonder they didn't turn out that great.

Another reason why they didn't turn out very well was because I was 1/4 cup shy of the full required amount of sugar. Also, I didn't use regular white sugar, I used sugar in the raw. And, I didn't have the patience to find the 1/2 teaspoon-spoon, so I just guessed using a table spoon.

>Shrugging Shoulders<

Well, I guess I won't take the first batch to work. I know that Alex will eat them.

As long as he doesn't find out about the lack of sugar.

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