Get off Your Butt and Go!

I had a “deep cleaning” today of my teeth. The numbing stuff is starting to wear off, and Alex will be glad that moving my mouth is quiet painful, so I won’t be doing a lot of talking.

So, I hate the dentist. I hate the drill, I hate the self-conscious feeling about how ugly my coffee stained teeth are, or that I had stinky cheese for lunch and I didn’t have a chance to get home to brush.

But, I have a good dentist, with a good assistant, and a nice receptionist. The office is in the neighborhood, so I can leave from work at 10 to 2, catch the Gold Line, transfer to the D DASH line, and get off right in front of the building. I don’t have to pay for parking!

The office is in the CalMart Fashion building. So, I get a chance to walk buy (sic) pretty purses and showy dresses. It’s hard not to stop before I get to the dentists office.

Back to the deep cleaning. I was nervous, and even with the television, massaging chair, still tense. So, I Got The Gas! It sets in pretty quick and wears off pretty quick. It made all the pricking, clawing, poking and sawing all the stuff out of my mouth quite amusing.

The numbing stuff wore off pretty quickly too. Not a moment too soon. I’m tired of drooling on myself.
You should go to my dentist. They validate parking. (If you forget your cash for parking - because you have to prepay - just give the parking attendant your keys in exchange for the card) The waiting room is relaxing, with little water fountains and orchids. The restrooms are right down the hall (because if you come to early, you hear the water fountains just enough so that you “have to go”. The massaging chair, television, and abundance of the gas - it’s enough for me to keep going.

The dentist:

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