Defending the Weak

The coolest thing happened today - my youngest brother declared that his fantasy game name meant that he was the defender for the week. How cool is that?

My little brother is in high school. Super smart and likes those role-playing card games. I remember that I didn’t make fun of those kinds of kids in school - mostly because of my love affair with EIRs. Who was I to judge?

But, now...did you see the article in the LA Times, or some big newspaper about the fact that “geeks” ruling the world. It’s like a sitcom come true - the kid spent their day in the computer or science lab, dreaming up the next big thing - also happens to be the adult who now runs million dollar firms.

And, bullies end up in middle management. LOL!

Anyways, back to my little brother. I do my best to talk to him at least once a week. We trade occasional emails, but good conversation takes place over the phone. Dad is in his mid-fifties, and his mom is forever 27. Now that I’m 29, that makes explaining the age difference sometimes awkward. But, I figure she’s earned her forever 27, so she can keep it. But, because my dad is older, I feel a tiny bit responsible for keeping an ear available for him.

He visited over a year ago. It was nice to have him down, and I’d like him to visit again. It’s cheaper for me to fly him down than to fly up. Also, It’s easier to take him out for dinner, than to rent a car and drive around all over the place. He’s very easy to entertain, especially since when he did visit - it was all new to him.

The last time he visited we went out for dinner, a movie, Olvera street, and we bought counterfeit Magic cards. And, we visited USC. I didn’t go there, but when I heard the figures - the more often teens visit college campuses, the more likely they are to attend college - generally. Oh, and he bought an American Apparel shirt. It was hard to see him off...

I remember when Liz took me on a side trip to her college - UPS, University of Puget Sound. Their logo included the color green, and at the time, I wanted everything Green. We bought stickers, and I started thinking to myself that I would one day attend college. I had never even given it a thought before that day. Then, I found Evergreen. Way more >>Green<< than UPS - as it included the word “green”...

Why on earth do I do the things I do - even that’s a mystery to me. It seems too simple.

I went to Evergreen State College, because I liked the mascot. A geoduck... And, I like mollusks.

I went to Pepperdine University, because I liked the weather. All the pictures show sunny weather, and I like sunny weather.

I made coffee for years, because I like double-tall, Almond Mochas, light on the chocolate.

I guess I might be a complex girl who likes simple things.

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