Too Much

It's been difficult to find time to actually blog. When I sit down to the computer I log onto read the updates on Katrina, only to walk away in disgust. Then, last night as I was emptying my car, Alex says to me that the Chief Justice may have passed away. It's like, there's so much to say - but I don't want to stop moving long enough to realize that many things in our country will be changing over the next couple of months.

It too three days of news before any of the news outlets said that the people who stayed behind to ride out the storm - didn't do that by choice. How long did it take the media, let alone regional electeds to figure it out. Did anyone think about the fact that it was the end of the month - people who live on, at, or below the margin didn't have any extra gas, food, medicine - let alone emergency supplies.

The Mayor of New Orleans has it right. I prayed extra for him today...and Kanye West.

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