Rats - a Big Freaking Deal

Last friday night, I drove Alex and I to the Pasadena CPK. More than half way there I started to notice a bad smell coming from my car. I couldn't figure out what it was, but any smell from a car is not a good thing. I thought about it all through dinner. I just couldn't figure out the smell - until - we got back to the house and I saw a rat.

Rats downtown are different from the rats at home. Rats at home are field mice. Rats here...well...they are big.

Belfair Rats:

Los Angeles Rats:

Indeed, a rat had crawled up into the motor of my car and waited for me to start the engine. As the car quickly heated up and began moving - I toasted that rat.

I spent time after church picking out the pieces of the torched rat.

Tonight, with the first rains, I was down in the garage to get my umbrella and coat from the car. As I watched Alex change the wipers on his car, I looked over to see a new rat making it's home - or grave - in the motor of my car.

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