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What I sent to the GPCA/CC:

Meeting in the Middle

This email will probably put me on the poo-poo list of many, but, here it

After the campaigns of 2000, I continued my Green Party activity with GPLAC. As a full-time grad student, I had enough time to volunteer to take meeting minutes, attend local meetings. But, the days the GPLAC phone was disconnected, I decided maybe it was time to become more interested in how the bills got paid. Along with that came the interest on how GPLAC money was being accounted for the FPPC. I didn't think about who was treasurer, I didn't think about the GPLAC relationship to GPCA. I didn't know about the Southern California Green Party. I didn't know about the bank accounts, I didn't know about any office arrangement.

Most days I wish I never found out about the phone getting disconnected.

I finished grad school back in 2001. I've had two jobs since graduating, and only one thing has remained constant through this entire time. Considering that I have moved 5 times, on my second car, two surgeries, and a couple of relationships - the battle for financial transparency has remained constant.

I was a part of the GPLAC when we originally asked Mike for a full accounting of money in and money out. I was a part of the GPCA/CC when we sent the letter to GPUS asking that Mike not represent California on any GPUS committee.

In the back of my mind I just kept thinking - "He's got to turn over the
papers, he has to know what he's doing to the party" When I came off the
Coordinating Committee, off the GPLAC, I figured that resolution was around the corner. That was 3 years ago.

In August the Coordinating Committee asked that two observers participate in communications between Mike Feinstein's lawyer and the GPCA's . Alex and Beth have been serving as "observers", but they have been working as the Coordinating Committee's voice to ensure a document that can pass CC muster.

At the end of the day, there were a lot of mistakes, wrongs, rights, good
intention done here. GPCA, and Greens from across the country...every single one of us...deserve and demand that money in equals money out, and that every penny is accounted for, and our financial transparency is made complete.

This isn't the magic pill for GPLAC. GPLAC has larger issues than money
unaccounted for. There is not a lot of trust for the council. The upside is
that locals are moving beyond the council.

Unfortunately, the transparency among Greens has not been maintained. Good faith hasn't been maintained. But, the agreement turned over to the GPCA/CC is a start.

The proposal in front of the CC doesn't let anyone off the hook. I trust
Beth and Alex not to sell GPCA up the river, and I feel the proposal the CC
currently has in front of them is the only hope, and last viable option. The
GPCA - albeit, not the current GPCA/CC - needs to face the fact that the
spotlight of responsibility is not a single light, but rather the warm glow
of solar power.

Just to be upfront about it, I'm not in the camp supporting Mike Feinstein,
but I, along with many others who were just looking for the documentation, don't think I've ever acted in bad faith through this whole event. Please, give this document a look with fresh eyes, set aside valid feelings of frustration, anger, and concern that people on both sides have, and see the worthiness of this document.

Thanks for listening,

Ginny-Marie Case
Los Angeles, CA

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