Hot Dogs and Cop Cars

I'm at home waiting for the SBC person to show up. Quite honestly, I'd rather be at work.

So, funny things have been happening in the past couple of days.

1) On Saturday morning I had just opened my eyes for a split second because I heard a police car coming up the wrong way on Main Street. It sounded weird. Then, we heard a crash, and no more sirens.

The police car was coming up Main street - the wrong way - going pretty fast. Hit the curb, spun out and parallel parked on the sidewalk. I wish that I would have gotten a picture of it - because it looked kind of funny.

2) I got a picture of this one. You know those ladies who sell hot dogs on the sidewalk. They've got their burners surrounded with cardboard, and the hot plate sits on a grocery cart, or push cart. I've always wondered where they come from.

Take a look at the picture:

1) The green mini van has all the supplies. The hot dogs came out of the cardboard box (no gloves when handling the dogs-n-bacon).

2) The supplies where carried in a child's stroller.

3) When the onion rolled off the cart, onto the ground, into the would think that the Onion would go into the trash.... Nope! The guy picked up the onion and placed it on the stroller and off he went.

so - the next time you smell the hotdogs wrapped in bacon and you-wan-some - just know - the onion rolled into the gutter.

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