Free Things From Dept of Ed

"Jazz in America: National Jazz Curriculum"
offers lessons for teaching about jazz in American history or
music class for Grades 5, 8, & 11. Learn about the evolution
of jazz, different jazz styles, improvisation, basic musical
elements, & how jazz influenced (and was influenced by)
American culture. (MA)

"Constitution Toolkit"
includes images of newspaper articles (1787), notes Washington
& Jefferson wrote on drafts of the Constitution (1787-88),
Jefferson's chart of state votes (1788), Washington's diaries
(1786-89), Hamilton's speech notes for proposing a plan of
government, a Philadelphia map (1752), the "broadside" Bill of
Rights (1791), & other artifacts. (LOC)

"Global Warming Facts & Our Future"
explores the latest scientific information from the National
Academy of Sciences. Is our climate warming? Are humans
causing it? What might be the effects? What can be done?
Learn about the greenhouse effect, the carbon cycle, & past
changes in our climate. See predicted changes & how they
could affect sea levels, agriculture, & ecosystems. Find out
about options for reducing CO2 emissions. (NAS)

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