Dreamy Dan Wilson...RETIRES

From the Seattle Times
M's notebook: Wilson working for one more game

By Bob Finnigan
Seattle Times staff reporter

Understandably, Dan Wilson got a lot of calls yesterday, the day after he announced he would be retiring at the end of this season.
"It was an odd feeling, knowing that it was public now, everyone knows," said the top catcher the Mariners ever fielded. "It was humbling."
Wilson will accompany the team on its upcoming trip to Texas, Toronto and Detroit, to maximize his rehab of the left knee he tore up early in the season and give himself a shot to fulfill his desire to play one more game.
"We'll get real specific about rehab and have a better idea if it will be possible to play again," he said. "I feel it will be possible."
Mariners fans, who undoubtedly will want to see one of the all-time favorites take the field one last time, might want to circle Jamie Moyer's final home start.
Moyer, who starts today against Anaheim, is currently listed to start only one game in the final homestand, on Friday, Sept. 30.
"From what I understand from the medical staff, the later we go, the better chance Dan will have of getting in a game," manager Mike Hargrove said. "As long as he's healthy, it's a great idea. It's a great way for him to go out."
One likely scenario would be to have Wilson start the game, catch a batter or two and then leave.
Wilson has one salient thought on his possible last game, with the prospect of playing in the final weekend series against the Athletics.
"It would matter if Oakland was in the race. I have to respect the race, and if my playing is going to alter the competitive nature of our club in any way, I wouldn't want that," he said. "This is just a neat piece of closure for me. But it's nothing that is necessary."
Bubela arrives
As if the circle of baseball life were turning in the Seattle clubhouse, as Wilson's time drew to a finale, Jaime Bubela came to the big leagues for the first time yesterday as an outfield replacement for Jamal Strong, who suffered a broken bone in his left hand Sunday.
Bubela was surprised to get the call from the Mariners. His season with Class AA San Antonio ended last week, and he had returned home to Houston and started attending classes Monday at Houston Baptist University, where he majors in business.
"I was at school, actually in class when the call came [from Missions manager Dave Brundage]," said the 27-year-old left-handed hitter. "I got the message after the class ... no, I didn't get to my next class."
• Wilson has caught 1,237 games for the Mariners, with hope of one more. Only 11 players in major-league history have caught as many games for one team, led by Gabby Hartnett, who caught 1,756 games for the Cubs from 1922-40.

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