Can't tell if he's crazy or what

This evening the FedEx guy showed up at our door, to deliver three boxes. I knew what it was - gifts from Dad, Liz and Mark.

(That's Mark, Myself, and my Dad - aka Wayne)

Inside each of the three boxes contained a card - one which brought me to tears. And, one that just confused me - probably because it confused my dad as well.

In the packages:
1 Fiesta Ware Tea Pot. Which looked familiar.
1 bowling award for someone in the East Valley Special Olympics. I've never bowled for an award before, and I'm pretty sure I've never participated in anything having to do with Special Olympics.
1 Potato
6 CDs of Mark's band.

The teapot I'm fine with. The 6 CDs - good to go. The award confuses me - was it just so cheap you couldn't pass it up? The Value Village tag was on it. Dad - big question - the kid who once owned the Special Olympics they know their parents sold it from right under them? :-)

The Potato - my hunch is that it's from the garden in the backyard. If this is the case - DAD - you broke a federal or state are not supposed to transport live plant matter between state lines. If this potato has some bug in it - California is in trouble.

So, Dad, Liz and Mark - Alex and I thank you for the gift. I'm going to make a baked potato for dinner, and think about what to do with my new bowling award.

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