They are gone!

I bought a pair of pants from the Gap about two years ago, and I've warn them at least once a week. Sometimes, for a week straight. Yeah...

Anyway, this morning I put them on for the third day in a row (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and found a whole in the leg. :-( Oh, so sad!

Well, they are gone now. Alex had to put them down the trash chute, rather than letting them sit in the garbage all week, because I know know know that I would have tried to wear them one more time.

Like the song.

One more time.

I'm sad.

The end.

P.S. I'm going to be having a virtural garage sale soon! And, I won't be selling crap, or pants that have worn 4 gazillion times.

Take Care!

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dgarzila said...

did you guys at least have a funeral or memeorial service for your pants?

Don Garza