So, now there's a board!

So, now there's a board!

I found it this morning on my way to work:, although I tried looking it up at work, and didn't see it. But, there's plenty of work @ work, so I didn't spend much time trying to find it.

Tonight, I feel like poo poo. I had three cups of coffee, no water, and a lot of fruit. My belly does not like me. I'd go into more details, but the last time I discussed poo - all my friends started making poo-poo jokes.

Well, poo on them!

Anyway, this weekend is another big push to get us moved from Santee Court to PE lofts. It's hard to go back to Santee Court to pick up things. The only thing I really like is running into neighbors I hardly ever saw, knocking on Chris's door - only to tell them all I found Mark! Mark's with us! Well, not **with** us, but we know where he is.

I don't know if Mark reads the website, but if he does he will soon find out - when we couldn't find him, we were really worried. So, when I ran into his Mom - I was very excited. I was excited to tell Alex - Hey - I found Mark!

Anyways, tonight's big news is two fold. 1) Alex found out that the sandwich store - J.J. Sandwich Shop is open. It's right across the street from Coles, it's cheap, opens early (7 a.m.), closes a little early (6 p.m.), but there are promises to stay open later as more people visit late in the day.

For the sake of all things good and yummy, please start visiting at 5:30 p.m. so that they will stay open for me to visit when I get home at 6 p.m.

OMG - Alex just came running in to the loft yelling LOOK OUT THE WINDOW, QUICK LOOK OUT THE WINDOW.

There's police horses! So cool! "how long has it been since there's been horses on Main Street"

2) Is a kind of a big announcement, but Alex and I are not yet ready to announce. You should be excited. I want to tell you, but at the same time - not yet ready.

You will just have to keep reading.

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