Outta my way BEEEEOOOOTCH!

In one of the organizations that I am a member of, there are two women who I enjoy watching. I'd name them, but if you know what I'm talking about - you know who they are. Anyway, these two ladies are, for the lack of better definitions, oil and water. Although their broad politics are in close alignment, their organizational politics keep me reading listserves, and I like going to meetings where I can watch these two battle it out.

Recently, Lady A found out there's a separate listserve discussing the activities of a committee they were once - both on. Lady B was publicly questioned about it, and responded with vague references, alluding to Lady A's participation in similar activities previously. I think it's odd that both ladies are calling each other out on doing things - they have both done!

Their email conversations are almost civil, but remind me of the days when my stepmother had to interact with my mom. Recognized or not, these two had to work together, but they didn't like it. But, unlike Lady A and B - my mom and stepmother were able to speak, converse, and talk to each other with some degree of civility.

I guess that civility is missing from Lady A & B, and it only makes them look dumb.
What the hell - I've been reading Perez all day. Maybe these two can keep me occupied!

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Anonymous said...

As an observer of those two ladies, I agree this is amusing... but in a sad and painful way.