On my way home

Nothing too big happening today. We have a baseball game this evening, but other than that...all is quiet on the Western Front. Alex will be OOT this Friday night, so I will go and pick up my laptop keyboard. Although - I'm tempted to wait for later in the weekend. A friday night at home... let me predict:

1) I'll stay in
2) I'll watch the TV, movies
3) I will play SimCity
4) I will put on a charcoal mask
5) I will stay up too late
6) Forget to eat dinner
7) Remember to eat dessert
8) Fall asleep with all the lights on in the house

So, let's check on me Saturday morning to see how I do!

Oh, I talked to Matt Pickshisnose the other day. It's a big story. Can't wait for the whole thing to break.

1 comment:

Ginny-Marie said...

I stayed in
I watched TV and movies
I played SimCity
No mask
Up late
Ate dinner
no dessert
not all the lights are on.