Moving In

Last night we got the keys to our new loft at Pacific Electric. What a mess! It is still a construction site. The marble is still setting, the floors are very dusty. The parking lot looks like a dirt road. I'm a little concerned that we may have moved in before they were ready for us - but we are there now.

I spent all of last night cleaning, and admiring. The windows overlook the Rapid stop at 6th and Main. One of the windows overlooks 6th street. You can see all of the way to the 10 freeway. The main window is huge! It will probably be a pain to clean, but hey...cheaper rent!

I met a neighbor last night - when in search for the instruction guides for the heating system. Sydney (or maybe Sidney) was able to lend me her copy long enough for me to figure out how to work out heating system. I was able to set it for multiple times. The heating system will kick on at 6 a.m. on the weekdays, heating at 65 and cooling at 75. When we aren't there, up to 85 it goes, until 6 p.m. (about the time we get home from work), back to 65/72. At night, a little cooler - from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. it will be 65/68. You wanted to know didn't you!

Alex spent much of the time on the phone (which was okay). I was scrubbing, sweeping, wiping. Everything had dust, gunk, and dirt. I don't know if they did a walk through for cleanliness. But, the management did walk through for repairs. What can I say. When we moved into Santee Court our tub had a huge hole in it. But, at the new place - the stove has a chip off it's finish, dent in the door, and a number of paint smudges throughout. The fridge doesn't seem secure. On the up side, we were told at first we didn't have a deadbolt lock. Well, we do! So, all those people who read my blog, thinking to yourselves that you can just break in - well you can't!

If you look beyond the dirt, dust, and all the plastic coverings - you will see a beautiful building rising up on what is a dingy street. Before PE lofts opened, it was ruled by Pete's Cafe and Gilmore's lofts. They may have been the first to set down on Main - but watch out!

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