Left to her own

Alex is off to SF this morning. If I had it together, I could have gone too. But, I don't, so here I am on the train - on my way to work.

I didn't get to take the train yesterday because all of the parking was blocked off, essentially closing off the station to any auto passengers. That kind of pissed me off, because I hauled ass to get to the station on time. I ended up getting to work 20 minutes earlier than anticipated. Rather than spending the next 20 minutes doing something us value, I ended up sending the customer services folks at the MTA an email asking when (after I already who, if), if ever, are people notified of the loss of parking that would significantly impact Chinatown ridership.

Haven't heard anything. Probably won't either. In my world, that's bad customer service - but not as bad as the CS in Pasadena.

So, what happened in Pasadena?

Alex and I were at the Whole Foods, it's taken me three tries to find it because I kept thinking it was on Colorado Blvd., when it's actually on Foothill. Once we got there, the store is nice, has a good layout. It has a larger produce area, and the same selection of the other WF, just not as crowded. Anyway, part of the reason we were there was to purchase 3 cases of SmartWater. We wanted to have a stockpile of it, so should(when) something happens in Los Angeles - earthquake, tsunami, championship, we don't have to worry about being without stuff we need to live.

Yes - I know..."SmartWater?" I heard you allllll the way over here.


We get to the check out, and we order the 3 cases. The checker is all over this! She calls the stockroom and asks for the three cases, and the head stocker says to her - Call Caesar. Checker looks confused - "who's Caesar?"

She calls for Caesar....No Answer.

She calls again, this time for someone to pick up the GDphone in the back. Someone answer and says he will be right out with the water.

Meanwhile, the head stocker has really pissed our checker off. Rightly so! He blew her off. And, in blowing her off - he blew us off. AFTER WE HAD ALREADY PAID FOR THE GDWATER! She was very mad, and spoke to her supervisor about the incident.

It gets better.

The stocker comes rolling up with not three, not two, but ONLY ONE CASE OF WATER, and says the obvious - "there's only one case left"

So, I had to go back to our checker, explain the situation, and she and I together went through the trauma of refunding two cases of SmartWater.

The bad customer service wasn't from the checker? No, she kicked ass.

The stockers! What got into those guys? It must be the NMP syndrome - Not My Problem.

Well, whatever it was - we are not going back to that particular WF ever again.

So, that's what happened. A delightful afternoon of shopping was screwed over by disgruntled or stoned stock room staff.

Today - what's on tap:
1) Phone calls to clients
2) Office of Traffic Safety awards list
3) Summore Success story stuff
4) - well, the day is young, and it's Friday. Who knows what's in store.

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