How lucky do I feel this morning?

I found a $5 bill in my wallet.

For a few this may sound silly but, I was dreading the thought that I was tied to my debit card.

I can buy Alex his ice cream cookie sandwich at tonight's game.

We pick up the keys for our next place on the 15th. This will be move number 3 for us. I hope it is the last one for awhile. It is tiring to think about all the pending work. However, it is uplifting to think that rather than a view of an empty courtyard, the view will be 6 floors up.

I like the idea of being to see the sky again. To get unfettered sunlight! The plants miss this. I miss it. I feel like we have been living in a cave.


Last night I was searching the web for a moving list. This morning I am thinking about the fact the loft is only 700-800 square feet. If I can't organize this move, God should just come in the night and turn me into a 4-year old. Although I've met smart 4-year olds.

Have a good day.

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