Greens going to (be hot as) Hell

The national GPUS meeting is right around the corner. For a few days in Tulsa, a couple hundred people will be worshipping false idols. On top of false idols, more than half the people won't bath or use deodorant the entire time. And, for a few days, there will be NO meat consumption. How in the hell do you go to Tulsa, OK and not eat meat.

Every stereotype of the liberal will be there. Your teenaged, idealist, hasn't seen it, but they've read tons about it. Your college-aged, exhausted because they've been at school, their internship, their job, and the 4 million meetings to save the rare native plant species. Your middle-aged, fully employed, used their vacation time to spend four days raising their hands in points of process.

After middle-aged, things start to go downhill - fast. You know when you think you should take away your parent's or grandparent's car keys because they've gotten to uncontrollable, and you are concerned they might hurt someone, or even themselves. All of you out there with parents, grandparents heading to Tulsa...tell them to stay home.

The GDI proposal will hit the floor of delegates. The missing minutes from the Sylmar plenary will show the proposal that was approved didn't offer direction, just said the GPUS should consider this. Peter's going to have the run of the Tulsan floor. People will get pissy in the room, and the aura of non-violence turns to a dark false front.

Happy not to be there. Good Luck to the delegates.

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