Done! Been There!

At the ripe age of 28 years, 11 months, two weeks, and four days, I can finally say that I have seen Star Wars. I started with Episode One: Phantom Menace and had to admit that it was the first time I ever saw Star Wars. Then, I saw Attack of the Clones. Then came Revenge of the Sith. For 99% of the people that was it, the series was complete.

But not for me!

Thanks to Nate - I watched episodes 4, 5 and 6 this week. Now I get it.

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Martha said...

Hey, i can relate being out of the 99 percentile group! I like to think our life was too exciting to keep up with the mundane things like 'movies' and 'pop culture'

You think that is a good excuse!

Like your blog!