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Alex and I have just returned home from our third visit to Pacific Electric Lofts. We get the keys to unit 615 on 8/15, but it will most likely take us two weeks to move in. Unlike our last move in, we will be moving two blocks, rather than 2 degrees of separation.

Today's Blog topics:
*Light Rail vs the "dedicated bus lane"
*Downtown developments that matter
*"You've Got Mail"

OMG, I'm so tired of people saying that LA needs more buses, that LRT (Light Rail Transit) is a failure in LA, or that the MTA hasn't got it together. First of all, MTA has it together. I've worked with MTA before, and you won't meet a bunch of people who have a more genuine interest in getting people to where they need to go. You won't people who have practical solutions to systemic problems. There are days I wish that I didn't have to go to work, but that I could stand in front of the building and just shake hands all day long.

LA needs more LRT. LA is too far spread out to not do light rail. LA drivers are too self-centered to pay attention to dedicated bus lanes, bus ways. Hell, think about the dumb-asses out there who try to beat the gates on the blue/gold line. And, think about the exponential number of dumb-asses who consider the idea.

Just thinking about all the dumb-assed drivers in Los Angeles causes my heart to race. I see it every day, a near miss between auto and pedestrian, auto and bicycle, auto and auto. Now, I just say - oh... here's an accident, and move on.

Anyway, people need to get out of their cars. Here are the reasons why people should try LRT:
*You can talk on the phone! I have 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to catch up with family. I talk more with my family more now than ever. I must say that I like them better when I'm so far away. When I do see them, I enjoy the visit. When we talk on the phone, we hit the high points, and move on.

*You can listen to relaxation tapes. At the beginning of each mp3, the author says - you shouldn't listen to this while driving. Every other morning, I do deep breathing between Ave 26 and Mission stations.

*You see the Los Angeles River at the beginning and ending of your day. While standing on the Chinatown platform, you get a fantastic view of the Los Angeles skyline. Once on the train, you cross over the concrete riverbed of the Los Angeles river.

*Occasionally, someone will talk to you on the train. I love to talk to people on the train. However, most people don't like to talk back. I've spoken to older Filapinas, young punk rockers, nurses aides, preschoolers who can only yell out - TRAIN....TRAIN...TRAIN.

*FOOD! OMG, the best food is at the Highland Park (Ave 56) and Mission stations. Highland Park, there's a sit-down restaurant with servers who don't/won't speak english. You can order enchiladas, tacos, tamales, and margaritas. Don't even think about bringing in you only. Then, there's the coffee shop at the mission station. Yummy pastries, tables, cheery customers - a real treat.

So, there. When I drive to work, I see the 110 packed with stopped cars heading towards downtown. I bet cash-money a lot of those folks are also heading to Culver City, Santa Monica, and other westside destinations. Unfortunately, mass transit takes too long to get from foothill to beach. LRT is the only answer. Not dedicated busways. LRT needs to get out of the ocean, and the network of catenary poles needs to be developed.

ITEM #2: Downtown Developments
Just heard that Temple Bar and Anastasia's Asylum will be opening up a location on the first floor of the PE lofts.

Item #3: You've Got Mail
Reminders of sharkb88. Funny.

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