On my way into work this morning it dawned on me that I've engaged in an email dialogue that is worthless to me. If you are reading this blog you are either in the know about GPLAC or it means nothing to you.

Issues surrounding GPLAC have become so entangled, fact has been pitted against, or maybe more accurately - blended with the idea of "truth" and POV. All three sides have taken a fall for getting after the "truth", but at this point it more about how to move forward. GPLAC won't be able to move forward until everyone is willing to take an equal hit.

At the end of the day I've learned two things:

1) Money's green and regardless of your political affiliation.

2) CYA - because if your ass gets caught, no one in their right mind will be there to do post coverage.

I need to get ready to get off the train.

Yes, Roz...I'm riding the train to work. I re-worked the numbers, made some changes to my commute and I now save about $75 a month. Ca-Ching!

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