Last night Alex and I ventured down the Fig corridor for dinner. For some reason he was unable to visualize eating dinner while our neighbor Mark was hosting his get-together. In any case, we decided to eat at an Italian restaurant. Setting aside the mediocre caprese salad, losing Alex's order, and being surrounded by college students...I told Alex my faith in humanity had been restored.

Funny - it didn't take that much. Maybe I'm not as jaded as I thought?

In any case, as we were walking back to the car I noticed another car had parked fairly close to us, making it a little difficult to get in.
On top of that, there was a little girl who looked like she was planning an escape from her car to join her parents in the KFC. She opened her car door, and while I was planning for the THUNK, of her car door hitting the side of the Mini - the same mini that -->JUST<-- came back from getting a dent from the hood taken out, there was no thunking...just an "oh, cool."

Then, all of the sudden the words "Excuse me....Thank you" was heard.
I laughed and said - no problem, take your time.

I hadn't heard a little kid say "Excuse me" in forever. Whether the kid is waving his way around the line, like an ice skater doing figure 8s around imaginary cones, or the kid that coughed in Alex's face..the idea of getting some kind of acknowledgment of manners was something I just started to write off as an expense of a faster more impersonal world.

In any case, it really lifted my spirits.

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