The Day That Was

On most days things tend to get exciting right after lunch. A client calls in regarding an item that was due to appear but isn’t there, a contract comes in - missing a crucial signature, or some work drama. Today - there seem to be nothing. A normal person wouldn’t be worried - however - I think in these days - quiet means that something’s on the horizon.

Alex has been providing clues to our vacation. It’s the first real vacation we’ve been able to take together. Before this all of our traveling has been for work, family or for Green Party. I heard a Green Party member once joked that his only vacation was during Green Party state meetings. I used to think I could live like that, but I don’t think I can do it anymore.

When I was younger I wanted to do a lot of things - cook, professional baby-sitter, an elected, a politician (there’s a difference between the elected and the politician...), a policy analyst (not the insurance kind), a “consultant”, a barista, a teacher, a professor. I never thought I would be doing what I do now...which is essentially a policy analyst by LazyBoy.

I’m not saying my job is boring, but on some days I wonder what is the goal, what’s the purpose? Should I make more? Am I getting paid too much? Should I be working harder? Do I work too hard? All the questions and no one to give me answers.

Four paragraphs and there’s not much meaning to it. If you are reading my blog for entertainment - I don’t think you will find the first paragraphs eventful.

On to the most recent family story...

Uncle Bill, as you know, passed away a couple of weeks ago. The funeral was 3 weeks ago, and my dad called me on my way home from work the other day to fill me in on the details of what happened. First, the back story:

1) Cousin Mike: Good guy, dad - he and his wife Sheila run the family farm up in Washington. Come to find out, he’s also responsible for the local cemetery.

2) Cousin Norma: Sheila’s older sister, who (bless her heart) means well but tries too hard.

3) The Casket with Uncle Bill. Nothing too outragous...worthly of a Case

Cousin Mike was responsible for digging the hole that Uncle Bill would come to rest in. He was also responsible for placing the crypt and casket. Maybe I heard Dad incorrectly, but Cousin Mike was running late and was still digging when guests and family began to arrive. (funny)

As they are placing the casket in the crypt

(And I must now stop...

Today is Poetry in Motion day. I’ve waited 20 minutes for the train. The hold up seems to be a problem with one of the “Cat and Canary” pole and there’s a 35 minute delay on the train. As we are plowing through Highland Park, this guy with a bright orange safety vest announces that it’s National Poetry Month and recites a poem by Langston Hughes. How I would love to see that on the Blue Line as it comes up to Compton BLVD.

Apparently I can expect poetry reading every thursday until the end of April. Today happens to be the last day of this Wild And Crazy Poetry Reading by Ambush.

(And now I can start again...)

Where was I....ahh placing the casket in the crypt. There was a little bit of a problem. As they were placing the casket, the casket bumped the sides of the crypt . Then, once they got the casket in the crypt, they couldn’t get the crypt to close correctly.

(I swear there is a funny part)

The funny part is that once it became widely know there was a problem with the crypt closing family hopped into the trench with wild abandoned to help Cousin Mike correct the crypt lid, allowing the service to come to a close.

I wish I would have been there because I would have laughed just as hard as when my dad was telling the story on my way home from work the other day.

(Oh, but we aren’t done)
The last part of the story starts with the fact that Norma wanted to plan the “after party”. The idea was to go to the new buffet restaurant. In typical Case fashion - no reservations or anything - not even a call ahead that 30 people were about to arrive. Well, who knew that it was the Grand Opening weekend of the new restaurant. With a line out the door prior to the Case party’s arrival...the thought of waiting in line to celebrate the passing of Uncle didn’t go over well.

Uncle Bill won’t be remembered for his funeral or the buffet restaurant - but rather all the good things he did in his life.

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