The Big Blow Up on Oak Harbor

My dad called tonight to let me know that Uncle Bill passed away. Uncle Bill was my father’s father’s brother. He taught me how to drive stick shift and tractors. Duringthe family reunions he would drive the tractor up and down the road spraying water to keep the dust down. But, that’s not really what he’s known for...

I don’t know who told me the story first, my dad or Poppo, but it started with the explanation that on farms in his day they had dynamite to clear out mole holes. Apparently one day my Poppo led by Uncle Bill headed down to the beach at Oak Harbor - with sticks of dynamite. They were still kids, and it was okay I guess to let children run around with dynamite in their backpacks.

In any case, the Case Boys made it to the beach and planted the dynamite throughout the beach. Moments later Oak Harbor shook! Rumor spread that Oak Harbor suffered from an earthquake. The next day in the newspaper there was talk about the broken windows downtown, and the mysterious “earthquake” on Whidbey Island.

Heaven help Heaven - the Case Boys are together again. Should Heaven rumble in the next couple of days you know that it’s Poppo and Bill blowing somethin’ up.

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