There’s laundry to do, a mayor’s race to watch, and a purse to clean out. Rather than do all or any of that, I wanted to update my blog. Work has been so super busy, I haven’t had a chance to gossip online! I was readying about how someone wrote this book called the “Encylopedia about Everything” or something like that. Anyway - they defiined the phrase “I’ve been busy” as trying to make yourself sound more important than you really are.

I’m here to say that I’m not so important that my day is completely busy with busy work.

But - it is.

My day is busy with phone calls in, phone calls out, emails in, emails out, people at my desk, my at other people’s desk, web searches, and somewhere in there Lunch.

Man, the laundry is getting cold and the wrinkles are going to set in soon. :-(

So, what’s the big news:

Trudi and Randy have moved into their first home!
Sounds cool. Yes, if you have more than 2 kids, it’s probably a good idea to buy a home. They have three kids.

I got pictures of my brother’s kids
Casey, Tyler’s wife, sent along a picture of their 4 kids.

We are moving to Pacific Electric Lofts soon.
Yes, we just had our housewarming in December. But, when you’ve got one neighbor who reminds you of the frathouse you lived next to in college, and the other neighbor who should be on lithium...packing up the kitchen again seems like fun!

Alex Gets To Work Election Night!
I thought it would be so cool to work at a precinct, but, if you know me, you know that I’m a chatter box, and that not talking politics on election day isn’t my nature. Alex is a highlight worker! He gets to highlight ballots to confirm they’ve been counted. I could do that! But...he gets to!

Lattes for the Lord works!
This is probably the funniest story I have to tell right now....

A few weeks ago Alex came home from a church committee meeting. He asked me if I was interested in making lattes for coffee hour at church. I said it would be a good idea, although my machine didn’t have the capacity to make lattes for the entire congregation. So, we joined up with a few other people from the Young Adult group - called The Bridge - to have a machine available for steaming milk, and one for pulling the espresso shots. It worked, and it was a freaking hit!

The funniest bit is that some people gave up caffiene for Lent. What do you do when caffiene follows you to church...apparently - there must be a “safe” spot at church during Lent.

Coffee sounds good right now...

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