Potholes - Virgin Asphalt and More!


"liabilities of sophisticated, value-added patch"
"“throw-and-roll” cold-mix"

For those who take potholing seriously: "Those %#$#&* potholes!"

The funniest thing about potholes is the POTHOLE DOCTOR.
It's this truck, driven by one person, that patches potholes. I had a coffee-client who drove the pothole doctor - he drank a grande hot chocolate, non-fat milk - no whipped cream. He has a son who drinks the same thing. ANYWAY...

What a job to have. The pothole doctor - PD for the sake of my story - drove around all day scoping out potholes, responding to calls from little old ladies, grumpy middle-aged men. While I've never seen the PD in action this is what I envision:

The truck pulls up with a low hum. Stops shy of the pothole. The driver gets out and surveys the pothole to determine how much asphalt is needed to remedy the situtation. The driver climbs back into the truck, moves the truck so that it's hovering above the pothole. The truck starts to grunt and bear down - and poos asphalt on the pothole.

YES! The PD is a pooper! HA HA HA HA! It's a pooping truck!

Then, like a cat that finishes pooping, the truck tamps the asphalt down flat. Left behind: (much like a cat) a steaming area of newly placed asphalt.

Now...don't you see potholes in a "hole" new light?

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