People seem taken with my Pothole Doctor entry. That's funny. I have a funnier story. I actually have a lot of funny stories about poo - but it's only because I used to have a real interest in septic and sewer systems.

In the town I grew up in, we didn't have sewer systems, we had on-site septic systems (an OSS). The OSS was in the everyone one's backyard. No exceptions. However, about 1/4 of the people in my hometown were convinced that they were connected to a sewer.

One of those people, who thought they had a sewer, was a neighbor. One day my dad was talking to the dumb neighbor about on-site septic systems, and wanted to know if the neighborhood wanted to get their septic tanks the pumped the same day to get the group discount. Dumb neighbor says - I don't have a septic system - I'm hooked up to the sewer line.




But, dumb makes for funny stories!

So, my dad keeps talking to this guy, asking questions about the potential location of the septic tank. The first day of the intervention ends with the identification of the septic tank: underneath the concrete slab that served as the drive way.

Day two, my dad notices that the driveway slab actually has a dome shape. He calls me down to the neighbor's house. At the time I thought I was being called down to babysit. Little did I know what fun was in store!

I get to the house and see the slab of concrete that looked like a mini-Kingdome. In order for the septic tank to be pumped out, the concrete drive way would need to be broken up. As my dad started to chip away at concrete, poo flew out from the concrete slab. I ran like there was no tomorrow. It was nasty. Nasteeee.

The septic tank literally blew up and poo was every. Pressure from 5 years of dishwashing, showers, and toilet visits from a house of 5 people was finally released. It resulted in a big fat fine from the state because it caused a big health hazard.

The point is this: always know where your poo goes. If you don't, pressure will build up and eventually explode!

Here's to knowing where your poo goes! Cheers!

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