Don't F with the Girl Scouts....,2403,BSUN_19083_3551626,00.html

EAST BREMERTON — A dispute arose Sunday at an East Bremerton grocery store when a signature gatherer and a group of Girl Scouts were occupying the same area, sheriff's reports said.

A 47-year-old California man who was gathering signatures was asked by the East Bremerton Safeway's management to stand at the south entrance Sunday while a troop of Girl Scouts was selling cookies at the north entrance.

Eventually the man made his way to the north entrance, when a Girl Scout mom complained to the store's manager, according to reports. When the man refused to leave after the manager asked, the manager called deputies.

The man told deputies that he felt harassed by a Girl Scout mother, reports said.

Deputies confirmed that the man had a right to petition on the property, but he was asked to return to the south entrance.

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