Site of the day:

Who knew! The web inspires me everyday! I can find purses, shoes, pills, music, food, drink, and now Crazy Cat Ladies!

Their Mission:

"The purpose of the Crazy Cat Ladies Society & Gentlemen's Auxiliary is to use humor to counter the stereotypes made about people who love cats. By claiming the phrase "crazy cat lady" on our own terms, we take away its power to offend, and have a lot of fun while doing so!"

What does this mean?

Back in the day (like 10 years ago) I used to tell people that I'd probably never settle down. I'm going to be the old cranky lady with a lazy boy, recording my soaps, drink Gin all day, and have a couple of cats. That didn't make me a crazy cat lady - it just meant that I was cranky.

Good for the Crazy Cat Ladies! Dispell the rumors....We are likeable!

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