When I was in grad school, I took to reading a good James Q. WIlson book with a couple of beers. I don't know if it was because drinking a couple of beers runs in the family, or if I needed the beers to get through James Q. I still like a couple of beers every now and again, but I've taken to wine! The only problem is that wine glasses are awfully small, and don't last through an evening.

You can't watch an entire baseball game with just a glass of wine or just one bottle of beer. However, you can make it through a game on two or three beers. I have to make a couple trips to the kitchen, like 5 or 6 times to refill my wine glass. I don't use the bathroom as often as I have to get up to get more wine.

This last season I found the solution to my problem...it's called the travel mug!

I heard that! The gasp of the crowd...but, hey...I like my drink with the game. And, why should I be punished if wine glasses aren't big enough to last a couple of hours.

Once the baseball season ended I couldn't bear to put the travel mug away with my glove and thundersticks. So, I put the travel mug next to my little Wednesday night "West Wing" night material. No more should the travel mug be left for spring training, the all-star game, and the magic of september.

The mug know can understand the joys of C.J. Craig, Toby, Josh, and the rest of the WW crew.

Maybe one day the travel mug will make the jump to Thursday's ER?

Stay tuned!

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