Two things - 80 Degrees and Wild Animals

Let's start with 80 degrees.
Alex and I went to pick up the Christmas Tree on Saturday. Usually, in December is a cool month - highs in the 60s. About the time we get to the tree it's 5 p.m. at night, and the idea of standing outside is as appealing as standing in line for the gyno. This, coming from a Washington Girl who ONCE walked to school in a horrendous snow storm. Anyway - this weekend the Sun was out and it was almost 80 degrees! Too hot for walking around outside in pants and a shirt and too hot to be rolling around on the ground trying to cut a tree.

This was the third time Alex and I went to get our Christmas tree. We had only one hang-up - when he went to the car to guide the tree into the back. The first year we went I got too muddy. Last year we nearly ripped the tree out of the ground because we were so frustrated in sawing back and forth. This year - things went really well. Getting it into the house was super easy, and getting the tree at the right angle went well too! Finally - a tree-getting experience where we didn't lose it and swear at the Tree!

Wild Animals
I'm starting to head down the path of not liking untamed children.

We were at Olive Garden the other night. I haven't been to an OG in quite some time and forgot that it was the only restarant in the whole wide world where parents were still allowed to bring unruly toddlers, disruptive preschools, and just flat out annoying 'tweeners, pre-teens, and teenagers. Just to the left of our table was a young couple with a 2 or 3 year old. He didn't know how to sit in the high chair and kept standing up. Then, his mother moved him to a regular chair. So - now the pesky brat had the ability to run off when Mom and Dad were busy playing with the color crayons and coloring their son's placemat.

The little thinger hid behind the serving trays, running and hitting other tables, running cirlcles around our table. All the time, Mom and Dad are still working on the placemat! Oh...I just wanted to trip the kid! Because it wasn't just running around in circles...not enough energy being wasted, he had to include a little wail with it. But, no one said a thing until the waiter grabbed a new high chair and strongly encouraged the parents to staple his ass to the seat.

Okay, okay...there was no stapling involved. But, I had my super glue ready.

The next day at Ikea, the same thing - children running around everywhere! There's a playland at the store..drop your kids off and enjoy life in coupledom! Your kid does not (DOES NOT) need to see the couches, bedding, or the sharp knives. Your kid needs to see the swingset, or knows how to hold on to your hand or the shopping cart. I was telling Alex, had I pulled any of these stunts when I was a kid, I think my mom would have stopped shy of running my pants (with my body still in them) up the flag pole.

Why, why, why must you subject us to your unruly children. They want to play, they don't want to come inside and examine silverware styles.

For this reason, I like my brothers and sisters kids...they are all flat and make up 3 colors: photographs!

Going back to work now...

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