There's this odd split and it's only happened in the last 10 minutes. First, I get an email from Kevin with the subject line of "Cheers". I'm thinking cool...Kevin can come to my party. He's been in a clinical trial for his cancer, and I was hoping that things would go really well and there'd be this miracle of a recovery. That didn't happen.

Someone from church recently passed away. She's someone everyone knew, she was everywhere all the time. And, once I figured out who it was...well..I'm very sad.

Then, I get this email from Tim....and now I have Blogger Envy - which is way worse than penis envy (although I still haven't been convinced that it exists). I used to write in a journal every day - like four million times a day. I was worse than Bridgette Jones. And, I dropped it all, for no other reasons besides I "got too busy"

And, now when I think"got too busy" I can't help but stop cold in my tracks and think about my top two paragraphs, and how they related to my previous paragraph. Is it possible to have envy, sadness, and the continuing gigles over because @ work we were discussing how the Miami Vice theme song shaped our young lives.....

Did you see the article today about how people my age are in more debt than our parents ever were. It doesn't make me feel any better about the debt I have...I just don't feel as guilty about having to make payments for the car, insurance, bills for a stupid shoulder injury caused by my grandmother's suitcase, and a stupid graduate degree that I get to use when I'm plotting my takeover of the democracy known as the Green Party of Los Angeles County.

Was that one sentence?

Let me just point out that I don't get paid to plot to takeover the Green Party. I get paid to send out email, make phone calls, and tell clients to apply for grants.

I wish I got paid to plot. That would rock. If I could be just a Green Party operative I'd be on every door step, every elected office door, and radio show. I'd be my own hurricane.

In any case, I do have blogger envy. Tim's blog is way better than mine. Maybe now I should plot to take over blog land! I could do that...YA....I could.

I'm having a party on the 17th. I invited over 500 people. The list doesn't show it anymore because the people who replied that they weren't coming...I removed them from my invite list. See if they ever say no to me again. So, I invited 500, 50 some odd people have said yes...about 30 maybes. It's going to be a good time. There's a healthy mix of Greens, non politicos, elected staffers, people I know, people I don't know, people from church, on down the line. Should be a very good time.

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