It's raining, it's pouring, and no one seems to answer the phone anymore!

What's up with voice mail? People use it as a way to prioritize their phone calling (both in and out). I know that I'm guilty of letting the phone ring and ring, but I'm just too tired to answer the phone. On most days I spend nine or more hours on the phone - usually saying the same things. My job is to call as many people as I can and give them pep talk about why it's important to apply for grant funding, and to give them pointers on becoming more focused in their efforts. Some days I'm lucky and get to spend a whole 3 minutes on the phone. More often then not, I leave voice mail.

Imagine, saying the following lines 35 consecutive times:

"Hi, this is Ginny. I'm calling regarding your account with us, wanting to check in to see how things are moving along. Could you please give me a call back by friday afternoon? I'd like to check in. My number is ..... Thanks! "
Now, occasionally I change up the lines, botch the number (giving out the cell number, home phone, my dad's number, other co-workers numbers). The best is when I either forget I'm at work ("Hello?)" or forget the name of the company I work for ("Hello, this is............Ginny). It happens.

There was a time when I had to make 100 calls a week. Dreaded each and every call. Those were the days that leaving Voice Mail was done on purpose. Come in early, call west coasters. Stay late, call east coasters. But, now...thankfully it's all about quality over quantity. Now I get to spend the time talking with clients about their projects, how they came up with them, who they are working with, when they need to move forward. I get to review narratives! Who would have thought that I would be so excited to read paragraphs.

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