"Don't worry....Sweetie..."

Just the words you want to hear from a girl who's obviously younger than you. But, these are the words I got as I walked down the hallway at 12:30 a.m., taking the recycling down to the parking garage. I was in an oversized sweatshirt, pajamas, slippers, and was carrying three really big bags of number 2 plastic bottles, cardboard, and newspaper. They were decked out in club wear, celebrating the neighbor's 19th birthday.

As I'm heading down to the basement of the building, I'm reminded of the days where I ran around downtown in a mini-skirt, beer in hand, telling older women, "don't worry sweetie - we will quiet down soon, but you know it is your neighbor's birthday." **

My reply - "Happy Birthday, but keep in mind 50 other people in this building will be getting up to go to work in a few hours"

This skinny-mini skirt wrapped piece of ass already got to me..."Sweetie" You only use that word for two reasons: Kids and to condescend. Last I checked, I'm not a kid. But wait! There's more!

I get down to the basement, which is usually mostly empty, to find the lot almost completely full! YES! Full! Had Santee Court found so many new people to pay $100 a month for an assigned parking spot? No, birthday boy was running down to the front gate when his party friends neared to use his key card to get them into the lot.

Considering that Alex and I already scrape pennies to cover the costs of parking, and that my blood was already at boil because I was taking the recycling down, skinny girl's "Sweetie" comment, and the fact that a bunch of cars that weren't supposed to be in the lot were, but neighbor boy was parked in non-spot that makes it nearly impossible for the larger cars to get around him to get out of the garage.

I decided to chat it up with the friendly security guards. They explained they've already given neighbor boy warnings, they've spoken to management about the garage. The management company hasn't given the guards the authority to call the tow company, hasn't given the guards any way to warn people not to park there. Essentially the guards are there to make sure that no one picks up the building, relocating it to 1st and Maple. Since that's unlikely to happen, I've decided to leave my job to begin work as a security guard.

**While I admit to running around downtown, I've never owned a mini skirt. And, when older women asked me to quiet down, I did.

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